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Don’t Be A Richard Shirt

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Care that we have a president that has done more in yrs than all the. Presidents that has served has done since president reagan i care that i sold my house and got. More than what i paid for The Don’t Be A Richard Shirt house my wifes k plan also went up times since trump has. Been president thats what i care yeah because you know it takes an act of congress a state. Attorney to check those tax returns the irs does not know how to find those that are doing.

Don't Be A Richard Hoodie
Don’t Be A Richard Hoodie

Don’t Be A Richard Shirt is Available In All Styles

Something wrong why not everyone in office and compare with The Don’t Be A Richard Shirt likes of lois lerner and. John koskinen running the irs this was done a long time ago liberals are wanting to. Invade everyones privacy they should have to turn over their tax returns as well what is. Their reason probably cause og what what a crock of crap what are going through do if you lose. Again in everyone knows that this is politically motivated and it should be against the law just for that reason.

Don't Be A Richard Sweater
Don’t Be A Richard Sweater

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For what reason why dont they audit their local government seems to me that The Don’t Be A Richard Shirt irs would. Be the first to throw up an investigation if something was wrong if the irs had. A problem with trumps taxes they would have something out there if i were that accounting firm i. Would use the same tech firm hillary did nothing a little beachbit wont cure smoke and mirrors the wall is. Going up north korea and china coming to the table economy booming lower taxes ect ect sick.

Don't Be A Richard Longsleeve
Don’t Be A Richard Longsleeve

Of democrats and this continuous abuse ive never seen anything like this done to any sitting president in history its. Shameful and disturbing where does it end i cant wait till trump releases his returns and. It shows he paid The Don’t Be A Richard Shirt taxes going to be epic how much money did the bartender have going in. Whats is said bartenders worth now and where did it come from oh wait said bartender lied on. Its taxes so show us everyones taxes cant you just do what you were elected to that.

Don't Be A Richard Tank Top
Don’t Be A Richard Tank Top

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