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Is The #sayhername Meaning Shirt th time a different post by bbc has been for the video it doesnt change the fact he. Is not the presidentelect only been named that by the msm and we all know how full of bull they. Are trump refuses to concede who cares hell be evictedescorted out on january th actually i would prefer to see. The eviction unfolding live whats the bet that hell step down eventually but hell say its because he wanted to. Not because he had to and if he wanted to carry on he wouldnt most definately win a tremendous victory.#sayhername Meaning Tank Top

#sayhername Meaning Shirt is Available In All Styles

I do not understand how americans were conned to voting for that cartoon now they are stuck with him interestingbiden. Wins both The #sayhername Meaning Shirt electoral college and the popular vote which hillary wonand yet rump claims fraudwell you cant have it. Both waysyou are the fraudbased on his claimsrumps presidency would be viewed as illegitimate wouldnt that be the perfect legacy. His entire time in office has been an embarrassment drag trump out the whitehouse for good hes a tax dodging. Conman that doesnt represent what leadership should be about mr biden and democrats have after all these years found a.#sayhername Meaning Longsleeve

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Way to get around with trump what took them so long to deal with such a simple issue omg even. Media didnt and still havent his only legacy is a warning to be careful who you vote for trump is. A certifiable liar and narcissistic immoral man he is going thru a grief period and needs to process thru the. Stages of loss The #sayhername Meaning Shirt five stages of grief are denial anger bargaining depression acceptance biden is not the president elect. And this will all come out during the investigations why the hell should trump concede when its obvious to jo.#sayhername Meaning Hoodie Public that The #sayhername Meaning Shirt election was won via fraud of the voting system trump stays bitter and petty to the very. End over million people voted for this moron and still support him cant take an l like a professional so. Has to cling to unfounded and baseless claims of election fraud how low america has sunk it amazes me that. The republicans do not seem to see how trump has emasculated them why are they not using this loss to. Get out from under his noxious mantel before they end up in prison like many before them cohen warned them.#sayhername Meaning Sweater

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